Shipment Tracking

Track all shipments in one place and on any device

Track shipments on the go

Personalized Messaging

Send personalized shipment related messages with your logo and increase your brand recall

Share shipment information conveniently

Critical Shipment Updates

Receive alerts to take faster measures when there are delivery issue with your shipments

Ensure on time delivery of your shipments

Confirmation of Delivery

Capture receivers confirmation of delivery, shipment feedback and lots more

Empower your customers to give their valuable inputs

Shipment Reports

Access shipment reports to evaluate your operational performance

Reduce cost & increase your bottom line
Send2ID Features & Benefits

Contact Management

Real time request, capture and updation of your contacts address

Build and maintain your address book with ease

Address Sharing

Conveniently share your address with anyone

Communicate your delivery address effortlessly

Change of Address Updation

One click and share your new address with everyone

Inform change in address without the hassles

Delivery Profile

Easily share your delivery time preference and your address pinned on the map

Get your deliveries as per your convenience

Shipping Labels

Print simple To & From shipping labels directly from your address book

Simplify printing shipping labels

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